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Utterback Counseling

Providing a wide range of counseling services using equine assisted psychotherapy.

There are many reasons why people start therapy. Whatever your reason, I’m glad you’re here.


Therapy is not a one size fits all, the approach needs to be individualized. Whether you are looking for yourself, your child, your family, or you and your significant other, you need to feel that it is tailored to fit your needs. Horses don’t have to be trained to guide us to a healthier way of being, they just do. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is one of the quickest ways to identify problems, practice solutions, and actually make life changes. Whether you feel that the obstacle in front of you is a mountain too tough to climb or you just feel lost, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy could be exactly what you need for your journey.


Therapy is always what you put into it, but if you’re ready -you could experience real change, real hope, and real healing. You get to decide what your new horizon looks like.

The science behind equine assisted psychotherapy.

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When the logo is split in half, it becomes a horizon.  A horizon often symbolizes a new beginning.  However, right before dawn it can be the hardest and the darkest.  These darkest times in our life push us to act, to do something different. The new light of the morning can bring fresh perspectives, new understandings, and new revelations. There is hope.

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From the beginning of visualizing this logo, I wanted to mix time and direction.  Often we want to forget our pasts, and "move on" with our future.  Sometimes the only way forward is by going back.  Our past is always with us.  It doesn't have to define us; but if we want our future to be different, we have to slow down and look back. Healing takes time.  Time is with us, but it doesn't have to rule over us.  Horses help us to live in the moment and they are patient as we learn to take our time.

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Do you feel lost? Or maybe you feel like you’re on a detour and can’t figure out how to get back.  Direction is huge when it comes to life.  This journey, we find ourselves on, can be painful and leave us scarred.  We cannot skip those memories, they happened to us and they are a part of us, but with the right instruction we can get back on course.  You are not alone in this feeling, and you don’t have to do this alone.  I believe that at any point, anyone can make a change of course.  Although change is hard and does not happen immediately, you can make the next choice.  I would like to help provide some guidance to get to a healthier way of being by “walking together.”